Achievements so far

  • Care and Rehabilitation: Till 31st August, 2011, 1341 destitute have been admitted to the Society. Out of which 920 have been discharged after proper care and treatment. Who revealed their names and addresses of residences; they were reunited to their families or guardians.

A family of four members, all mentally ill, were basically residing in their house No: 845, Phase 3B1, Mohali. The family members Smt Bhupinder Kaur, her daughter Ms Harprit Kaur and son Sh. Manpreet Singh had been kept under forcible detention in their House by their family friend. Her husband, S. Dildar Singh had also been kept under detention in another house No: 16, Gali No: 8 , Prem Nager, Patiala. The family being ill treated by their alleged friends, were very upset and sad. The son Sh. Manpreet Singh ran away from the house because of torture and did not return. One day the lady also escaped from the house and came to the Society on 12-3-2015. The President of the Society, S. Shamsher Singh approached the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana, Chandigarh for their release from the detention. The Hon’ble Court appointed a Warrant Officer for their release . The Warrant Officer along with President of the Society, Sh. Shamsher Singh and some police personals went to House No: 845, Phase 3B1, Mohali and rescued the daughter Harprit Kaur who had been sexually exploited several times. Thereafter they went to Patiala to rescue the husband of the lady S. Dildar Singh. The rescued persons of the family were admitted to the Society and are under treatment and care in the Society. FIR has been registered against culprits and case is pending before Hon’ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana.

A family residing in Kothi No: 37, Phase 9, SAS Nager, Mohali having four members mentally ill were noticed by President of Society, Sh. Shamsher Singh. Out of them two were admitted in the Society on 23-04-2014 through Civil Hospital, Phase-6 Mohali and other two were got admitted in the Mental Hospital , Amritsar. After due care and treatment the head of the family Sh J.S. Baidwan improved his health and approached the Mental Hospital Amritsar and requested them that he wants his family members discharged from the hospital and he shall take care of them. After discharge from the Mental Hospital the whole family was given shelter in the Society and their treatment and care was started. On 20th March 2015 Sh. J.S. Baidwan gave a written letter to the Society that his family is feeling quite well and they wanted to shift to their new house No;8112, Sunny Enclave, Kharar. He also stated that he will take care of his family members as all of them have improved. On the request of Sh. Baidwan the inmates were discharged from the Society and were shifted to their residence. Before their shifting the house of the inmate was made cleaned and basic facilities required were provided, immediate ration, clothes and bedding were also given. They were also provided with medicines prescribed by the doctors

On 30th April 2015 a telephone message was received in the Society that a lady mentally depressed had locked herself in her house No. 167, Shivalik City, Kharar. It was informed that she may commit suicide due to her mental depression. The President of the Society immediately contacted the D.C. Mohali and made him aware of the whole situation. The C.J.M., Mohali, DSP, Kharar, SHO, Kharar reached at the site along with President of the Society. The lady was reluctant to open the door. The door of the house was broke opened and lady was given medical help and counseling was also made to her. Thus by taking timely action by the President of the Society the life of the lady was saved.

One inmate namely Ms Anita Rani who was living with her 75 year old mother. Her relatives statedly visited mental hospitals and civil hospitals but no one helped her to treat her. Her mother stated that being an old lady she can not control her and she runs away from the home and also gives trouble to neighbors. For this reasons she had to be confined to some room under lock which further deteriorated her health. A news of the lady was published in the local news paper. On the basis of this news paper report the President of the Society, Sh. Shamsher Singh and Smt Rajinder Kaur, Founder Member, went to the house of the inmates and she was brought for admission to the Society. Due to care and treatment of the inmate there appears improvement in her health.

After receiving a phone call and an e-mail from a distant relative of an ill lady Smt Sukhmahinder Kaur. She remained confined to a room in her house , living in despair condition for the last six years. Sh. Shamsher Singh, President of the Society went to her residence to known her well being. Since lady s was ill, she was shifted to GMCH, Sector 32, Chandigarh for treatment.
S. Shamsher Singh, President of the Society visited village Padich. Dam Majri It was noticed that there was water shortages for drinking and irrigation. They found a Pound constructed for irrigation was dry and there was no drinking water in the village. These short comings were brought to the notice of D.C. Mohali The D.C. ordered for immediate enquiries and also assured necessary action in the matter.

Four children of the age of 4 years, 3 years, 8 months and 8 months belonging to one family were brought for admission by Child Welfare Committee, Ropar (Punjab). Reportedly these children were seen unattended in biting cold of January month in a slum house at Ropar (Punjab) as their mother had fell ill and she had been admitted to PGI, Chandigarh, leaving behind small and infant children without giving responsibility to any person for their care. Some generous persons noticed these unattended children and reported the matter to Child Welfare Committee, Ropar who brought them for admission to the Society. On the receipt of children in the Society immediate necessary steps were taken for their care and medical check ups . One of the children aged 8 months was suffering from chest conjunction and fever. She was taken to PGI, Chandigarh for treatment, where she remained admitted for 4 days duly attended by two Care Takers round the clock, till she was discharged.

Annual Day function on the eve of completion of 11 years of service to humanity was celebrated in the Society. On this occasion Gurmat Samagam was held. Recital of Gurbani and Shabad Vichar was made by Bhai Tejinder Singh Ji, Shimla Wale, Bhai Sahib Singh Ji, Markanda and Dr Alankar Singh Ji of Punjabi University, Patiala. The stalls of articles prepared by the inmates of the Society were set in where all the articles prepared by them were displayed. There was large gathering. The guests watched the articles prepared by inmates with grate curiosity and enthusiasm. The Founder Members of the Society addressed the gathering and they spell out the achievements made by the Society for the last 11 years.

Pregnant ladies ladies were brought for admission to the Society by several Police Authorities. Some of them were rape victims and some had been abandoned . These ladies gave birth to their children in the Society. We started a Crèche/ Kinder Gratin for the rare and care of these infants. Special Care Takers were employed for their look after such as daily bathing, timely feeding, changing of clothes, dippers and immunization etc. Their proper medical record is maintained to see their health remains fit and fine.
A truck load of relief material was dispatched from the Padiala Ashram for the flood victims of Distt. Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu . This material was comprised of eating material, clothes blankets, medicine and other provisions. The President of the Society who had gone for distribution of relief material. He purchased polythene sheets for tents, mating and other material for the poor people who had damaged huts due to floods. The President along with other few members and volunteers went to far flung area of Cuddalore Distt. to see that relief material should reach to these victims living very far from the big cities of Tamil Nadu. The efforts were made to provide them the articles purchased from markets to set up their habitats and food materials, medicines etc.
At the time of severe earth quake in the Nepal, a truck load of material was handed over to D.C. Mohali to be included in the relief material sent to the Nepal on behalf of Punjab Government.
For the flood victims of Jammu & Kashmir truck load of material was dispatched for J & K along with President of the Society and other members. They themselves went to victims and distributed relief material in the remote areas.

  • Dam Silt Cleaning: Majri Dam lake silt was removed to de chock the buried pipe lines and the water supply to the fields was revived. The dam was out of work for last seven years as the silt got deposited in its wells and pipe lines due to lack of preventive maintenance. The dam was a multi lac rupees project made to conserve rain water for irrigation. The villagers complained many times to the concerned department to sort out the problem but they were told it is difficult to restart the dam. The dam silt approximately 20 feet was removed within 10 days. The main well was raised to three feet and new pipe line was laid. Later on the concerned department praised the work done by the Society and ensured the technical help in future.
  • Environmental Activities: To keep the environment clean and pollution free till date 7500 saplings were distributed among villagers, students and volunteers  for plantation.   
  • Cradle was put at main gate of the Society to accept the unwanted child. The motive was to control female foeticide to improve sex ratio. Three unwanted baby girls were received on different times in the cradle. Later two of them were adopted by childless couples through legal procedure and the third one handed over to children home as per instructions of Govt. Department.
  • Mission Milaap: One of the volunteer sewadar of the Society S.Charanjit Singh discovered a new method to reunite the missing destitute with their families through internet. Click for more details here.
  • Prabh Aasra Rang Manch: The Society has launched a Social Awareness Mission under the name of ‘Prabh Asra Rang Manch’. The team of this mission is running a big campaign to make the masses aware about the social evils, injustice and their fundamental rights by the means of stage performances and ‘nukkad nataks’ or showing awareness movies with projector.  Click for more details here.
  • Distribution of things to needy: The Society has distributed different things to the needy from time to time. Needy students are given stationary, school dresses, school shoes, sweaters, shawls etc. Needy handicapped persons have been issued wheel chairs, tricycles or clutches.  In winters Society distribute blankets, clothes to the needy poor people.There is increasing inflow of inmates to Society, every effort is made to send the inmates to their homes after improvement in their health. The process of reuniting of inmates to their families has been given name ‘Mission Milaap’ The inmates received in the Ashrams of the Society, are either mentally retarded/ill or physically handicapped or both. With due care and medication when there is improvement in their health, they reveal their identity or inform about their residential addresses, villages or towns etc, the Society contact the concerned Police Authorities on telephone and seek their help to trace their family members to be hand over to them.
    • Distribution of Blankets/ woolens : 
      • During the period under report the Society distributed  Blankets, Sweaters and Lohies to students of Primary School, village  Masol Tandi Distt. SAS Nager
      • Blankets, woolens and quilts were also distributed among the poor inhabitants of various village Masol Tandi and other villages of SAS Nagar in         the  month  of November, 2015 .
      • Society also distributed  blankets, woolens and clothes to poor families of Barnala, Mansa and Patiala.
  • Curricular Activities: To arrange different competitions for such children, to encourage their confidence these inmates are made to play some indoor and out door games. The recreational games help to a great extent to improve the health of psyche inmates.  Some of them were sent to take part in Punjab Special Olympic held at Hoshiarpur. They won 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 8 Bronze medals and one Trophy:  ADC, Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab honored four inmates who had won gold and silver medals.To work upon small projects like Candle making, Chalk Making, Tailoring coaching, painting and  embroidary etc. as Vocational Training to inmates.Arranging free medical check up and Non-drinking (Nasha chadao) camps.To improve/enhance our present activities and start our activities in new areas.