Right from its inception Prabh Aasra is under constant Endeavour to work with commitment and dignity towards the achievement of its objectives of public welfare.

  • Its core mission is to give unconditional opportunity of treatment, rehabilitation and shelter to the deprived and ignored helpless who are mentally / physically ill, orphaned , handicapped destitute. These are those citizens of the country who are ignored, not only by the government but also public and are not getting an opportunity of rehabilitation.
  • To get these destitute reunited with their families so that they are no longer left destitute.
  • To create awareness about mental health , its symptoms and cure.
  • To create awareness about Mental Health Act 1987 and rights of the citizens in the country and duties towards helpless fellow being.
  • To fight for the rights of the weaker section of the society, whether they are mentally, physically or monetarily weak.
  • To conduct seminars and camps of moral, character and personality building on the grounds of spirituality.
  • Work to create an aware society on environmental issues and female foeticide