Rajinder Kaur

In 2003 when veerji Shamsher Singh took a stand to start a home for helpless, bibiji, having born and brought up in a GOD loving family encouraged Veerji to do seva. She took responsibility to take care of the business and family. She also contributed a major portion of the earnings for the noble cause. She sacrificed personal desires and comforts to serve humanity. It was in 2007, when an unanimous decision of bibiji joining the seva full-time was taken. Since then bibiji is walking shoulder to shoulder with Veerji in all endeavors to serve humanity.

Looking the requirements and needs of the inmates she did Graduation is Psychology in 2014 and did Masters in Psychology in 2016.

She takes keen interest in vocational training, games, education of the improved inmates of Prabh Aasra & other extracurricular activities of residents of Prabh Aasra.

Truely , A Woman of Substance.